2015 Pilatus, Switzerland

Pilatus Aircraft Limited was formed just after the start of the Second World War in December 1939, and even though the country was neutral for the duration of the war, the Swiss Government identified a need for training and maintenance of indigenous aircraft. The site chosen was an existing maintenance facility in the heart of Switzerland at Stans, in the region of Nidwalden close to its namesake Mount Pilatus.

2015 RUAG, Switzerland

Who and or what are RUAG? The name is derived from Rüstungs Unternhmen Aktiengesellschaft or in plain English, Joint Defence Stock Company.

RUAG was formed in 1998 and is currently Headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. Globally there is approximately 8,000 staff at production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Hungary, Australia and the USA.