Postcard From Vietnam 2017

Pixelsnipers has recently received some photographs from Vietnam which we would like to share with you.

The first set is from Dong Tac, home to the 910th Regiment and its Aero L-39Cs. The 910th is known as the 910th Julius Fucik Training Regiment and is responsible for advanced training for the Vietnams People Air Force (VNAF – Knong Quan Nhan Dan Viet Nam).

The VNAF received 24 L-39Cs during the 1980-81 time period and these were augmented by ten from Ukraine in 2002-03 and four from the Czech Republic in 2008.

The second set is from Da Nang, home of the 929th Fighter Regiment and the venerable Sukhoi Su-22 which equip this unit. Forty Su-22M were delivered in 1980 followed by thirty two Su-22M4 between 1988 and 1990. Three Su-22s were reported to have been delivered to the VNAF in 2005. The Su-22U two seater variant was also delivered to Vietnam, six arriving in 1980. Four more modern Su-22UM-3K supplemented the M4 delivered in 1988-90. Su-22UM-3K 6602, 7103, 7104, 7309 and 7310 came from the Czech Republic in 2005. Ukraine also sent to Vietnam seven Sukhoi Su-17UM3 two seaters.