Graham’s interest in aviation began at an early age embedded in the exploits of the RAF during World War 2, he joined the Air Training Corps where he gained first hand (but limited) experience with gliding, powered flying and life in the RAF. He joined the RAF in 1974 and it was working in the control tower at RAF Wattisham that focussed that general interest into limited photography and an expansion of a career into a hobby. 8-years in the Air Force took him around Europe with a posting to II(AC) Sqn at Laarbruch between 1978-1980 as the highlight, at that time they operated the Jaguar GR.1, and this aircraft remains a firm favourite.
Graham moved into the digital age in 2005 with a Canon 350D, and has upgraded regularly since with later models from the same Company.
While aviation related subjects remains the main focus of his photography he also enjoys travel and combines the two on regular trips to shows and museums in the UK, Europe and North America. Graham is also a fan of anything Cold War, particularly East European and Russian, so visits to the former Warsaw pact countries are always relished.